Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blue Skies in Iowa

Although the first part of our trip was crazy busy, we had SO much fun hanging out with Grandma Pat and Gramma and then going to the Fishes and Jenni's wedding. When Adam and I returned from Vegas, Iowa gave us one of the most beautiful days ever! We headed down to the new sculpture park. Awesome! Except for the cameras, no touching of the sculptures and the rude dude that quickly reminded Adam he was on camera and to back away from the art. There is something not so art friendly about all of that! Adam and Dave were both a little ticked off! I agree! It's outdoor art, not precious paintings centuries old! Geez!

The boys had a blast. I love the picture above of Jude taking such good care of Liam. He loves his little brother so much!
Ok, look at those clouds! Sweet! What an amazing photo op. Adam took some really great images of everyone here. I did my best with my little camera. Take note of the yellow soccer ball in the photo above. You'll see why in my next post.
Liam was connected at the hip with Papa Dude. I don't think Dave could do a thing without his shadow!
Aunt Anna in a tender moment with her nephew as he tackles the big hill.
It was a nice day weather wise, but it was still cold! But that didn't stop Jude and Anna from taking off their shows and playing in the water. They had so much fun and I am super grateful that my Sister-in-law is young enough to do things like this so that I don't have to! Thanks Anna.

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