Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homemade Goodness

As soon as I knew Liam couldn't handle my breastmilk and formula was insanely expensive, I was convinced that I would make his baby food when the time came. I've been making all of it and he really likes it!  Thank the Lord! So glad we never gave him a taste of Gerbertine.  Jude was addicted to that stuff and wouldn't eat anything I made for him.  Stinker. Making Liam's food and decorating the house for the various holidays lead me to believe I was doing pretty good at the whole creative Mommy thing.  BUT, the more I read other blogs I was made aware of just how much other Moms do! Seriously? Where do they get all the energy.  I mean I would love to do all my crafts and sewing and what not, but I'm so exhausted all the time. 
Well, this week I decided to be inspired by those mothers rather than discouraged.  (And quite honestly, I felt the need to bring some more art back into Jude's life. With all his Super Hero stuff, he rarely sits down to color or "create" anything.)  His teacher had told me that he loved their number wall, so we created one at home.  Jude picked out the colors and other materials.  I think it turned out pretty good and I only burned myself once with the glue gun.  Man, I forgot how hot those things get.  Yikes.

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