Saturday, April 4, 2009

Recycled Easter Decor

We are rolling right along with our newly resurrected (no pun intended) craftiness and thought we would do a little Easter decorating.  Our church hosted an Easter egg hunt, but it was right in the middle of Liam's nap.  I felt so bad that Jude couldn't go, so I let him pull out his Easter egg candy from Grandma and eat some while we dyed eggs and made Easter baskets and grass from stuff we had laying around the house (construction paper and old birthday party hats.) 

I couldn't bear to buy that plastic Easter grass another year.  Is that stuff even recyclable? Turns out shredding green construction paper to make our grass was Jude's favorite part.  He kept giggling every time I pulled out another piece of paper to shred.  "Mom, how much are we gonna do? You're so crazy!"  He's right on the crazy part.
The egg dying was fun, but pretty stinky. Jude cracked a couple of eggs by literally chunking them in the water and the dye.  I'm pretty sure I said, "gently" 10 times or more. Once our crafts were complete Jude had eaten several candy eggs and was still pretty convinced that Easter is about two things..."candy and God's Son." I have a week left to work with him a little more on that one!

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