Thursday, April 30, 2009


While I was cleaning the house on Friday I thought it would be a good idea to put Liam in his walker and let him roam around while his brother watched TV.  BAD idea...  I walked in the room to find this!  Liam was eating dirt out of the plant and Jude was just watching TV like nothing was wrong.  I guess it didn't cross his 3 year old little mind to come and get Mommy and tell her that brother was eating dirt.  Or, I don't know, maybe jude could have given Liam a little of his wisdom and guidance and told Liam, "yuk, don't eat that! It's dirt...gross!  Just a thought.
This is what I saw upon entering the room.  The first photo is what happened when I tried to take the dirt away.  What do I know?  Maybe dirt does taste good; Liam seemed to like it.

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