Thursday, April 30, 2009


Is loving puzzles right now.  He did this one all by himself.  The whole thing!  Amazing.
We went to see Alex's gymnastics meet and Jude played with Uncle Stevie the whole time.  They had a race to see who could eat their Popcorn the fastest.  Steve won, so Jude dumped some of his into Steve's container and the contest continued.
Grandma came over on Friday afternoon/night to go to a party with us.  She and Jude made play-doh balls while Liam took a nap.  Again there was a contest...who could make the most balls and then, who could make the biggest!  What is it with three year olds and everything being a game/contest?  Gosh, life is so simple and yet such a predictor of the future.  I pray that Jude realizes what matters most in life is THE prize - eternity with Christ!

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